Custom House

Tourists enjoy the benefits of the Convention on the Custom House Act for Tourism also signed by Cuba, that is why, in addition to the clothes and other new or used goods, which can be reasonably needed by a tourist for his/her personal use, there will also be considered as personal belongings (free of the right’s charge), any of the following goods, under the condition of being in use and with the commitment of being exported again when the tourist leaves the country, due to the fact that these goods are allowed as temporal import.

personal jewelry; a photo camera with twelve layers or five filmstrips; a camcorder of small measure with two filmstrips; a pair of binoculars; a portable music instrument; a portable gramophone with ten records; a portable device for sound recording; a portable radio receiver; a portable TV receiver; a portable typing machine; a baby carriage; a tent and camping gear; sports gear (a set of fishing gear, a bicycle without motor, a canoe or kayak of less than 5,50 meters long, a pair of skies, two tennis rackets and other similar goods). a camcorder; a personal computer; a portable DVD player Portable personal devices to acquire or introduce information from/into personal computers such as: Flash memory, MP3, MP4, IPOD, agenda book, PALM and other similar.

All mentioned above could not apply to tourists who arrive in Cuba one or twice a month, or under 10 years old. It is forbidden the import of walkie talkies, GPS and satellite cell phones.

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Periodista cubano. Cuban journalist.
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