Jardines del Rey-Jeep Safari to Gaviota Ranch

valle del yumuri
  • Visit the viewpoint at Bacunayagua Bridge, the highest in Cuba.
  • Guided visit to animal breeding farms. Time off to ride on horseback and ox.
  • Typical Cuban lunch
  • Visit a country house
  • Welcome cocktail
  • Tour through Yumuri Valley with stay at Gaviota Ranch, including:
  • Panoramic tour in the city of bridges (Matanzas). Visit Monserrate Viewpoint.
  • Underground walk, watching gorgeous stalactites and stalagmites in Bellamar Cave, go down the cave and enjoy a 3D screening and welcome cocktail.
  • Visit Saturn Cave, an ancient flooded cave with 20-meter depth, enjoy the option to practice snorkeling in a natural pool.
  • Visit Maya Lagoon and practice snorkeling at the coral reef in the virgin area of Punta de Maya, characterized by the amazing beauty of its sea bottom.
  • Attractive and exclusive jeep excursion to get in touch with nature.
  • Pickup at the hotels de Havana according to the hours established for the excursion
  • Return to the hotels de Havana.
jeep safari yumuri
Cueva de Saturno
  1. CubaTravelCorp-Varadero-JeepSafariYumuri
  2. CubaTravelCorp-Cayos-VillaClara-Jeep-Safari
  3. CubaTravelCorp-JardinesRey-JeepSafari
  4. CubaTravelCorp-JardinesRey-JeepSafari-to-GaviotaRanch

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