Varadero-Jeep Safari Yumuri

jeep safari yumuri
  • Pickup at the hotels according to a staggered timetable for this trip.
  • Hotel-Departure Point for the jeep convoy transfer.
  • An adventure of more than 150 km tour along causeways, roads, quarries, palm tree stands and country villages.
  • Snorkeling at Playa Coral (gear included).
  • Visit to Cueva del Saturno (Saturn´s Cave). Free time for swimming.
  • Tour, in transit in the city, along Matanzas bridges featuring rich cultural values.
  • Tour in Valle del Yumurí with stop at Rancho Gaviota that includes: welcome cocktail, visit to a farmer´s home, typical Cuban lunch, guided visit to crops and animal raising areas. Free time for horse riding.
  • An approximately 30 min. tour on a fast boat along Canímar river: a protected area that offers the beauty and natural attractions of this place.
  • Return to the starting point of the jeep convoy and then transfer back to the hotel.


  • Up to 4 pax can travel in the jeep.
  • When either buying the trip for less than 4 pax or not paying exclusivity for the jeep, the latter may be shared or not with other clients who wish to drive during the travel.
  • Jeeps have mechanical transmission.
  • Exclusivity supplement in CUCs: 1 pax 60.00 CUCs, 2 pax 40.00 CUCs, 3 pax 20.00 CUCs
  • Supplement for professional driver: 40.00 CUCs.
  • All persons driving should have an authorized driving license.
  • All-risk insurance is provided.
  • Exceptions to this are those cases in which the client was under the influence of alcohol or psychotropic substances, and/or the damages were intentionally caused by or as a consequence of the client´s careless behavior.
  • In the latter´s event, the client will pay the total amount for those damages.
  • For sales of 3 pax or more, at least one client per jeep should have a driving license.
valle del yumuri
  1. CubaTravelCorp-Varadero-JeepSafariYumuri
  2. CubaTravelCorp-JardinesRey-JeepSafari-to-GaviotaRanch
  3. CubaTravelCorp-JardinesRey-JeepSafari
  4. CubaTravelCorp-Cayos-VillaClara-Jeep-Safari
  5. CubaTravelCorp-Varadero-JeepSafariYumuri

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