International Conference


January 28-31 – Palacio de Convenciones, Havana, Cuba

The work carried out during International Conference WITH ALL AND FOR THE GOOD OF ALL on January 25-28, with hundreds of delegates from more than fifty countries of all continents make it possible to propose a continuation of the reflection on the future of the societies of the North and South of the planet.

José Martí. National Hero of Cuba.

In the face of the long and multiple crisis in the world it is clearer that it does not suffice to adapt or regulate a system: it is necessary to look for alternatives and draw up a new civilizing project sustained on a new humanism with participation of all people of good will, in a democratic and plural context.

This search will benefit from the experience of the social movements and from the history of ideas in domains such as the construction of peace and solidarity in an intercultural perspective; social justice with regard to the possibility of regeneration of nature; a redefinition of modernity and ethics as base of every project of society and civil participation.

All those who wish to contribute to a social and cultural transformation that may bequeath a world of peace and security to the future generations, and commit themselves with this great task, bearer of a new hope in the future of humankind, are convoked to the Fourth International Conference FOR A BALANCE IN THE WORLD that will be celebrated in Havana on January 28-31.

Among other themes, matters such as the following will be debated in this world forum:

  • The importance of intercultural dialogue
  • The role and challenges of the new social movements
  • The struggle for Peace
  • Solidarity as bastion of coexistence
  • The need to stop the unceasing destruction of vital ecosystems for the existence of our species
  • Risks and hopes of technological and scientific development
  • Access to education and culture for the exercise of basic human rights in the circumstances of the twenty-first century
  • The struggle against all forms of discrimination – of gender, race, creed, age and social condition – that validate inequality and criminalize the struggle for social justice
  • The role of women’s organizations in social transformation. Women’s rights in society.
  • The role of the youth, of students and their organizations; their insertion in the processes of change
  • Religious organizations, ecumenism, its contribution to peace and to the earthly world desired by human beings of good will
  • Indigenous populations and ethnic minorities: the need of policies of inclusion and respect in the face of exclusion and marginalization
  • Drug consumption and drug traffic: causes, consequences and opposition to that widespread scourge
  • Fostering participative democracy as means for the construction of new societies
  • The need to face terrorism in all its forms
  • Justice as universal value of peace

The Fourth International Conference FOR A BALANCE IN THE WORLD  aims at contributing  to the configuration of ideas and actions that  make possible to face the multiple and complex problems of the twenty-first century.

We call upon all progressive intellectuals in the world, educators, artists, writers and journalists; upon all social fighters, leaders of workers’ unions, of political parties, youth,  feminine, peasant, indigenous and professional organizations, and upon the non-governmental organizations moved by principles of justice and equity; upon the universities and other educational, scientific, religious and cultural institutions, upon the governments made up by persons of good will, to disseminate and take part in this meeting convoked in the light of José Martí’s ideas.

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Periodista cubano. Cuban journalist.
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