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CubaTravelCorp-Logo-Blanco-2016-01Cuba Travel Corporation is a Cuban-Mexican travel agency with headquarters in Cancun, Mexico and Havana, Cuba. Business operations are mostly orientated towards providing traveling services to passengers coming from the United States of America, via Cancun or directly to Cuba.

Company description

Cuba Travel Corporation S.A. de C.V. (Sociedad Anonima de Capital Variable) is a company registered under current Mexican law founded under public notary number 6 Mr Jorge Alberto Rodriguez Carrillo, cedula profesional number 472673, registered in public escritura number 21300, book LXXVII-A and registered in the Cancun’s Public Registry Office of Property at 9:10 am on the 16th of July 1999 with the number 928-942 book 22, section IV and signed by Mr Daniel Montiel Mora, Official Register.

Cuba Travel Corporation operates in Mexico with permit from the Foreign Affairs Secretary number 31001039, expedient 9831001034, paper 1579, signed and authorized by Mr Eduardo Cervera Camara on the 2nd of April 1998.

The company has all necessary permits to operate under the law in Mexican territory and abroad and is registered in the General Tax Register with the number CTC980811MY6, from 3rd August 1999.

In Cuba, Cuba Travel Corporation. has signed operation contracts with the main companies suppliers of tourism services for the transfer, lodging, tours, national flights as well as assistance services with ASISTUR to tourists who via collect call will be able to access 24 hours assistance in case of theft and accident in the whole island. These events will be covered in Cuba by a full cover insurance underwritten by Seguros La Isla.

Roberto A Paneque-Fonseca is the founder and President of Cuba Travel Corporation.

As an internet company, Cuba Travel Corporation operated under the world wide web (www), under own servers and domains based in the operative system LINUX and Apache servers as well as Windows under NT. In our headquarters we own two high speed channels directly connected to the UniNet Network through private TelMex (Telefonos de Mexico) private channels of 64,000 bps and 128,000 bps (bauds per second).

In INTERNIC (Network Solutions) our company has registered several domains among which CubaTravelClub.net. With NIC Mexico we have registered Cuba-Travel.com.mx.

Also, under our control is the mail system with all our email addresses registered under our domains.

With the objective of guaranteeing the distribution of traffic under our domains we own mirrors in different places in the world such as Australia, USA, Mexico and soon we are planning to expand this mirror to Europe (Switzerland) and later to South Africa and Asia (Japan and Hong Kong).

One of our high speed channels is connected to WorldSpan system giving us the possibility of making online reservations in the worlds main airlines and car rental and hotels.

Cuba Travel Corporation has made a great effort in developing its domain on a world wide basis, in particular with the search engine YAHOO, site where we currently are one of the most indexed companies on a worldwide basis.

Therefore Cuba Travel Corporation is also an internet company with a world wide cover.

In Cancun, Mexico our headquaters are located in a 250 sq metres building divided in two sections where all our computer systems are located (five servers and a radio UHF Ultra High Frequency) communication system, with a radio base and four Motorola radio system with which we cover all the Cancun area (downtown, hotel area and airport) facilitating our operations).

Through a retransmitter our covered area reach up to Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Isla Mujeres and Cozumel (more than 100 km away from Cancun).

We also have a three line and six line telephone commuter type Panasonic last generation and also VoIP based technology by Cisco.

Our communication system also include free access lines inside Mexican territory (800). One sky tel pager (via satellite), a beeper with State coverage, two cellular phones, as well as toll free numbers from the US to Cancun and also telephone access for pager, voice mail and fax covered by local numbers in the US.

At the present time we are in negotiations with Chrysler Mexico to open a credit line to acquire vans and cars with the objective of requesting federal plates with exclusive service to tourism and rental of cars as a way of diversification.

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Roberto A Paneque-Fonseca is the founder and President of Cuba Travel Corporation.

Roberto A Paneque-Fonseca is the founder and President of Cuba Travel Corporation.

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