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FitCuba-Logo-SmallFITCuba is the most important event of Cuba’s tourist industry. Its main objective is the promotion and strengthening of Cuba’s attributes as a tourist destination for a wide range of visitors.

The present edition of FitCUBA will be focused on the Culture, by means of the expressions that make up Cuba’s cultural mosaic and promote its particular richness.

The event will highlight the special nature of Cuba’s plastic arts, music and craftsmanship, as well as other cultural aspects; therefore, making the largest island in The Antilles an incomparable tourist destination. FITCuba will be full of surprises and new features, dedicated to Havana.MARCA-CUBA-300x139

The amazing capital city preferred by thousands of visitors who don’t just want to get to know it, but aim to enjoy it as well. Almost five centuries of history make Havana a true treasure, considered as the world’s favorite city for encounters and good omens.

Canada is the business market honored this year at FITCuba.

Therefore, consolidating its important aspect in this industry and bringing out the popularity of Cuba’s new offers.


Date: 3 – 7 May (first week of May)
Frequency: Annual
Description: For travel professionals and the general public.
Professional Session:
General Public Session: 3 to 6 May
Scope: International
Sector: Tourism
Participants: Airlines, travel agents, travel agencies, communications media,
hotel companies, transportation companies, Ministry of Tourism of Cuba
entities, service providers, related professional associations.
Site: Havana
Fairground: La Cabaña Historical Park, World Heritage Site.
Receiving Agent: Cubatur Travel Agency
Offical Transportation Agents: Transtur, Cubana de Aviacion.
The Fair is dedicated to: Canada
Product to be presented: Culture


Package Tour

The FitCuba whole ground travel packages includes:

  • Cuba Tourist Card (Cuban Visa)
  • Full Cover Insurance
  • Airport Welcome by Cuba Travel agents
  • Transfers Airport-Hotel-Airport
  • Selected Hotel Accommodation
  • Daily Buffet Breakfast
  • Old Havana City Tour
  • Tropicana Cabaret Live Show
  • Professional Tourist Guides Services in English, Spanish and Several Languages
  • The FitCuba signing up fee (Official registration price is $50.00 USD)
  • Participation in the opening ceremony, workshops and main activities of the fair
  • A bag with all work papers of FITCuba
  • 5 hours of Internet via WiFi
  • Cuba Travel Corporation Agency $100 USD Fee to cover expenses
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Xtra Nite
Hotel Night Nights Nights Nights Nights Nights Nights Double
Nacional de Cuba $540 $655 $770 $885 $1.000 $1.115 $1.230 $115
Meliá Cohíba $582 $739 $896 $1.053 $1.210 $1.367 $1.524 $157
Meliá Habana $582 $739 $896 $1.053 $1.210 $1.367 $1.524 $157
Capri $495 $565 $635 $705 $775 $845 $915 $70
Riviera $473 $521 $569 $617 $665 $713 $761 $48
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Xtra Nite
Hotel Night Nights Nights Nights Nights Nights Nights Single
Nacional de Cuba $596 $767 $938 $1.109 $1.280 $1.451 $1.622 $171
Meliá Cohíba $666 $907 $1.148 $1.389 $1.630 $1.871 $2.112 $241
Meliá Habana $666 $907 $1.148 $1.389 $1.630 $1.871 $2.112 $241
Capri $537 $649 $761 $873 $985 $1.097 $1.209 $112
Riviera $493 $561 $629 $697 $765 $833 $901 $68



International Fair of Tourism FITCuba 

Site: The Cabaña. Havana  Date: May 3 to 7  Edition: 38th Description: Professional

Composition: Tourism and transportation professionals: airlines, tourist agents, travel agencies, related associations and organizations, specialized press and other communications leaders

Receiver: Agencia de Viajes Cubatur

This Fair is dedicated to the market of: Canada

Product to be presented: Culture



La Cabaña is located just beside of the Morro Castle Spanish: Castillo de los Tres Reyes Magos del Morro, named after the three biblical Magi, is a fortress guarding the entrance to Havana bay in Havana, Cuba.

The design was drawn up by the Italian engineer Juan Bautista Antonelli; originally under the control of Spain, the fortress was captured by the British in 1762, and was returned to the Spanish under treaty terms a year later.


Havana Bay, c. 1639, by Johannes Vingboons

The Morro fortress in Havana shares its name with structures in Santiago de Cuba and the Castillo de San Felipe del Morro in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In this case, the Spanish «morro» means a rock which is very visible from the sea and therefore serves as a navigational landmark.
Perched on the promontory on the opposite side of the harbor from Old Havana, it can be viewed from miles around as it dominates the port entrance. Built initially in 1589 in response to raids on Havana harbor, el Morro protected the mouth of the harbor with a chain being strung out across the water to the fort at La Punta.


Morro Castle before the British attack, 30 July 1762 by Dominic Serres


Recruitment Space

La Cabaña Park has to your disposal to be rented as exhibiting areas in FITCuba of the following Rooms:

– A, C, D, G and some external areas.

La Cabaña Park also offers the rent of furniture, fans and other means.
Recinto Ferial La Cabaña (La Cabaña Park Fair Showground)

The prices for Area will be:

  • EXTERNAL AREAS. They will cost $20.00 USD for square meter.
  • INTERIOR AREAS. They will cost $30.00 USD for square meter.
  • EXTERNAL AREAS. They will cost $15.00 USD for square meter. (For exhibitions of Means and Restaurants).
  • PARKING AREAS. They will cost $10.00 USD for square meter.

The rent includes the cost of cleaning and electricity services.


Regulations for the hiring of the design, production, assembly and disassembly of the stands

Enterprises of the Tourism system in Cuba, associates, foreign exhibitors and countries, will be able to hire: design, production, assembly and disassembly of the stands, it will be possible to be carried out through the Agency of Communication Publicitur S.A.

The FREE STAND design modality will be possible to be carried out provided it constructively doesn’t affect the construction of La Cabaña.

Catering Service to Stands

To complete the comfort of your clients and of the participant team, we suggest you to hire the Catering Service to Stands and other possibilities that Palmares offers to all the exhibitors and participants. The offer presents a great variety of options that will cover your necessities and expectations with certainty.

Hiring of Stand design with Publicitur S.A. Until 25/4
Hiring of Stand Production and assembling Until 25/3
Hiring of: areas, furniture renting. Until 18/04
Beginning of the Stand assembly It begin 18/04
Carrying out of FITCuba 3-7/05
Stand disassembling 09-13/05



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